Body Butter Pack with Essential Oil Blend

Body Butter Pack with Essential Oil Blend

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Price: Rs. 600.00/- per pack

Weight: 2 in 1 pack

              Flower of Life 2 in 1 body butter pack - these pure, refined organic butters are a real delight.! The richness and goodness of Shea Butter and Kokum Butter softens, soothes, re-hydrates and helps skin retain moisture. Rich source of Vitamin E, this 2 in 1 pack of assorted butters leave your skin feeling soft - use little dabs once to two times a day.


             These two butters are mixed with essential oil blends. Lemon essential oil, Mandarin essential oil and Rosemary essential oils are mixed with Kokum Butter and Lavender essential oil, Ylang-Ylang essential oil and Geranium essential oil mixed with Shea Butter.


    2*50gm body butter set (Shea Butter & Kokum Butter)
    Removes dark circles, Rich moisturizing
    Deep hydration and suppleness, anti aging.
    Super saver.
    Skin glows on regular use.