Orange Essential Oil

Orange Essential Oil

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Quantity: 10 ml bottle.ONLY

Price: 100.00/- per bottle.


· Beautiful Skin: Orange Oil curing cracked and dry skin.Even acne can be gotten rid of through application of orange oil.

· Aromatherapy: Orange oil can be used as a tonic to soothe headaches.

· Digestive problems: Orange oil has amazing curative properties for healing various stomach problems like indigestion and bloating. This is sure to provide a quick and soothing relief.

· Salmonellosis: Orange oil does have some properties that inhibit the strain of salmonella bacteria from multiplying and affecting other areas.

· Perfume: You may combine many ingredients of your choice together with orange oil to create a potpourri.

· Cleaning agent: Being a good anti-bacterial and anti-septic agent,used as a household cleaner.

· Insect repellent: Dab a piece of cotton wool with orange oil and place it in closets & cupboards to repel moths. Or rub the oil to your skin to prevent mosquito bites.

We don't sale them in bulk. We sale them in 10 ml pack.