Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

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                                           YLANG YLANG ESSENTIAL OIL

Quantity: 10 ml bottle.

Price: Rs. 300.00/- per bottle.

        In order to append and respond to the diverse requirements of esteemed clients, we are able to offer Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. The offered assortment is known for possessing sweet sensual captivating floral scent and calming and relaxing effects on stress.

      This range of natural aphrodisiac is lifting mood and relieving symptoms of depression, anger, anxiety, shocks and tension. The offered range is curing insomnia and is known for curing too oily and too dry skin, wrinkles and acne. These are known for promoting hair growth.



Rich aroma


Longer shelf life

Medicinal properties